Cold Chain Warehousing

Cold Storage Warehousing

The Cold chain Warehousing division of Kerry INDEV makes us a 3PL service provider with modern warehousing facilities and seamless operations across India.

What We Offer


Built-to-suit models for our client requirements on a multi-shared, multi-product portfolio to offer economies of scale and shared advantages.

The Cold Storage Facilities are available on both dedicated and shared basis for three separate temperature zones, viz., +15 to +25 Degrees C, +2 to +8 degree C and Sub Zero / Deep Freezer Operations.

The Kerry INDEV Cold Storage Warehousing Advantage:

  • Primarily built for Life Sciences, Healthcare and Fast Moving Consumer Sector
  • Data loggers that monitor periodic temperature changes and raise alert
  • Reefer transportation facilities for last mile connectivity
  • Additional RH capability in selected sites.

Advanced Cold Storage Facilities for Extended Cargo Preservation

Aided by hi-technology and our dedication towards giving your cargo an extended shelf live, the Cold Storage Warehouse by Kerry INDEV offer best-in-class storage and reefer transportation for the last mile connectivity.

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Our Story: In Numbers

It is our everyday endeavor to provide you a space to keep your cargo safe, provide higher shelf life and improve its value to your end customers. The storage options cater to multiple industries with multiple storage needs.

  • Capability to cater to 35,000 shipments a day
  • 3 tier temperature storage zones

While numbers present one half of the story, hundreds of satisfied customers tell you the other half. Our focuses everyday remains on Total Supply Chain visibility through WMS which enables quick and accurate responses to customer demands with well experienced and trained manpower across all verticals.